Transphobic Laws Protect Zero: The Facts

CW: discussion of transphobia, the bathroom hysteria, rape and sexual assault (including against children) and the high rates of violence against trans people, especially trans WOC. If you are feeling vulnerable, you may want to avoid reading this post. Know that you are loved and there is no judgment here. In lieu of the traditional white space, here’s a nice picture of my cat when he was high as a kite after dumping open a bowl of catnip. That would be the green specks in the pic, he rolled all around in it.


Hey, fellow cisgender people, let’s talk about the current “bathroom hysteria” going on in the good ol’ US of A. In case you’ve missed the brouhaha, the current claim is that laws restricting trans people to the bathroom matching the gender assigned to them at birth (usually) based on their genitals will protect people (read: cisgender women and children) from perverts (read: cisgender men) who might otherwise exploit laws protecting trans people wishing to pee and poop in peace in the restroom they wish to use. The idea is that if there are laws allowing trans women and girls to pee in the women’s restroom, these male cis-het pervs will use that law to allow them to claim to be trans women to get access to the women’s restroom where they will rape and otherwise sexually assault and harass the women and children who are in said restroom. Because, you know, these criminals care so much about following the law… Anywho. Let’s look at some facts and statistics about rape and sexual assault, both generally and specifically against trans people, and see how that measures up.

  • Fact: rape and sexual assault already happen.
  • Fact: We already have laws prohibiting rape and sexual assault.
  • Fact: People who rape and sexually assault other people DO NOT CARE what the law says or whether the law allows them to be in the restroom.
  • Fact: Cis women and children are at a far greater risk of rape and sexual assault from people we know than from strangers, including the mythical bathroom stalking strangers.

Transphobic laws restricting bathroom use don’t protect me or my daughters, so please stop trying to use us as your excuse for transphobia. And not only do anti-trans bathroom bills NOT protect us, they INCREASE the risk of assault for trans people, who already face an appallingly high rate of assault, especially trans WOC. Read that again, you read it right: laws like the one NC passed in the name of protecting cis women and children don’t do anything to protect me but they do increase the risk of harm coming to my friends who are trans.

So, let’s talk numbers.

According to RAINN: (

  • “Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted. Each year, there are about 293,000 victims of sexual assault.
  • 68% of sexual assaults are not reported to police. 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail or prison.
  • Approximately 4/5 assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. 47% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.”

[Esther’s note] While you were reading to this point, at least one American was probably sexually assaulted. Chances are high that it was someone they knew, not a stranger taking advantage of laws protecting trans people’s right to pee where they feel safest. Chances are also very high that the perp will not ever face jail time. And if they go to BYU, if the person who was just sexually assaulted in the time it took you to read this status reports their rape to the Title IX rep, they’ll get referred to the Honor Code Office for investigation against them and may very well face discipline (possibly expulsion) while the person who assaulted them may very well face… absolutely nothing. MAYBE a slap on the wrist. [/Esther’s Note]

Also according to Rainn: (

  • “93% of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker.
  • 34.2% of attackers were family members.
  • 58.7% were acquaintances.
  • Only 7% of the perpetrators were strangers to the victim.
  • For 80% of juvenile victims, the perpetrator was a parent. 6% were other relatives. 4% were unmarried partners of a parent. 5% were “other” (from siblings to strangers).”

According to the Office for Victims of Crimes: (

  • “One in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives. Some reports estimate that transgender survivors may experience rates of sexual assault up to 66 percent, often coupled with physical assaults or abuse.”
  • “Sexual violence has been found to be even higher in some subpopulations within the transgender community, including transgender youth, transgender people of color, individuals living with disabilities, homeless individuals, and those who are involved in the sex trade.”
  • “In the NCAVP 2009 report on hate violence, 50 percent of people who died in violent hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people were transgender women; the other half were male, many of whom were gender non-conforming”
  • “In 2009, 53 percent of LGBTQ hate crime victims were people of color.Of the 22 anti-LGBTQ hate crime murders documented by NCAVP that year, 79 percent of the victims were people of color.As noted above, 50 percent (11 individuals) of the 2009 murders tracked were transgender women; of those, 9 were people of color (82 percent). Of the other 11 murders of gender non-conforming people, 5 (45 percent) were people of color.”

If you’re interested in the statistics on exactly how often places in the US have seen an increase in bathroom assaults due to laws offering trans people some very basic protections when they need to use the restroom, you’ll want to check out these two links.

Just in case anyone missed it, the idea that laws allowing trans people to pee where they feel safe/comfortable will be exploited by perverts who will use them to gain entrance to bathrooms to sexually assault people using the bathroom is made up. It’s a lie. It’s a myth. Narnia has more basis in reality than this mess.

It’s time to stop the transphobia. It’s time to stop the hate speech. It’s time to stop allowing ignorance and lies from politicians to be our justification for increasing the already high risk of violence faced by innocent people. If you really want to help fight against rape and sexual assault, contact your local rape crisis shelter, RAINN, etc. and find out how you can get involved. While you’re at it, educate yourself on the realities of rape and sexual assault against EVERYONE. But feeding into this bathroom hysteria? You’re not preventing rape or sexual assault or any kind of violence, and you aren’t protecting anyone. Quite the opposite: you’re part of the problem, and you’re helping make the world even more unsafe for trans people.

Do I worry about the safety of my children? Yes. Do I worry about whether they will end up being sexually assaulted? Yes. Unfortunately, statistics are not in our favor. So, the way I see it, I don’t have time to worry about protecting them from a made up threat, and I have ZERO interest in causing very real harm and damage to other innocent people in the process of trying to protect them from a threat that is, to put it mildly, total and complete doodoo.

More links to statistics about rape and sexual assault




Health Certificates for Bringing Pets to Germany

Since this topic comes up a lot in military circles, I thought I’d post some helpful links from USDA APHIS that I’ve found to be very informative about the health paperwork required to bring cats and dogs from the US to Germany. Please note that this is ONLY the paperwork required by the government. The airline(s)  you travel with may have additional requirements. Be sure to contact them directly to ask what they need from you, including the Patriot Express. And if you take any commercial flights, pay attention to whether you have different flights operated by different airlines, even if it’s all billed as/arranged by one airline under a code share. For example, if you fly commercial the entire way, your itinerary may be ticketed under American Airlines but – due to the oneworld alliance codeshare – you may have 2 flights operated by American and 1 flight operated by Air Berlin or Lufthansa. Check on the requirements for all airlines, as they may each require different things. Additionally, this post only covers the health certificate and doesn’t get into the travel itself and stuff like crates, food/water, baggage transfers, etc. I may make a separate post about that later, but for now I’ll just say to pay close attention to what each airline requires and leave it at that.
On to the health certificate. Things to pay close attention to include the following:
  • The pet has to be chipped. The microchip has to be a very specific kind that meets a specific regulation (see the links for more info). Don’t assume that your pet’s chip is the kind you need, have the vet double check.
  • If your cat or dog is chipped and it’s not the right kind and you have to get a second chip, the pet’s rabies shot will have to be redone even if they just got it a month ago.
  • The chip has to be put in BEFORE they get the rabies shot. It can be the same day, but the chip has to be put in first.
  • The rabies shot has to be at least 21 days old [1] but not expired. There is an exception for pets under 12 weeks of age.
  • Their health certificate endorsed by the USDA has to be done and dated within 10 days of travel. This can be 10 days out or the day before. But any later than 10 days and the certificate expires and you’ll have to get a new one.
  • If you have to get a new rabies shot, you don’t have to wait for the 21 day period to be over. The 21 days is only how long they have to wait before they can go to Germany.
    Example: Our cats had to get the shot and the chip, then wait the 21 days. We got the health certificate done on…. I want to say it was Day 14, then we got the USDA endorsement done on Day 21, then the cats flew on Day 22.
  • If you use a civilian vet, make sure they have the credentials to do the certificate. You will probably also have to take the certificate to a USDA APHIS office to get their endorsement.
This is not a complete and exhaustive list of what you need to do, the links have the full info, but those are some notable things to pay close attention to. Even if you’re going to use a military vet, be familiar with and take this info with you to the appointment(s), because there are military vet clinics out there that give bad info. Voice of experience speaking.
Another note: if your pets are going with you, the health certificate HAS to have the name of the person who will be traveling with them. So if there’s even a chance that the spouse will go later, take that into account when doing the health certs. In our case, since I knew there was a chance I might have to stay behind and fly after my husband, we put the health certificate in my husband’s name. Sure enough, I ended up being delayed by a week. If we’d put them in my name, the certificate would have expired and I would have had to pay again to get it re-done.

We just brought cats over with us when we PCSed from California to Germany in October. We ended up getting the USDA APHIS endorsement at their office next door to LAX since that’s where we were flying out of. If you have to get the USDA APHIS endorsement yourself separate from the vet’s office, you’ll want to make note of the location of the UUSDA APHIS office you’re going to use and if you aren’t going in person, note whether you need to overnight, send a return envelope, that sort of thing.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to share my experience, feel free to ask.
The links to the requirements:
[1] For whatever reason, some people are getting told the rabies shot has to be 30 days old. That is not what the USDA requires. It may not seem like a big deal but a whole week can be if you’re last minute getting your shots and whatnot (which we were, in part because of bad info from the vet clinic).

Remembering Love

CW: missed miscarriage, D&C


Back around April 1, in saying “Don’t do pregnancy announcements as an April Fool’s
Joke”, I talked a little about what I went through in late March/early April with the missed miscarriage and subsequent D&C of the twins I was carrying as a GS. This week has had me thinking about it more, as posts from that week have come up on my FB “On This Day” app.

Last year, seeing that threw me for a major loop. It hurt and it brought back up some of the painful memories of what happened w/ the m/c and when things later went very poorly with the IPs of the twins and w/ how they and the fertility clinic handled matters. Last year, seeing the posts hurt. A lot. And there was pain. But I’d like to talk about what happened this year when those posts came up.

This year, my feelings were different. I still feel some resentment towards the RE, and probably always will. But it wasn’t nearly as strong. And I didn’t feel angry towards the IPs. This year, I feel compassion for them and for everything they’ve been through. This year, instead of fighting a renewed urge to send the IM a… let’s say hurt-filled email… I had to fight the urge to send her an email saying “I wish you well, I hope you have been or are able to have the babies you want.” and just want to know if her journey has ended well and have some closure (no I didn’t send an email at all).

Beyond that, this year, I feel so much love and appreciation for the outpouring of kindness, caring, and support that I was shown. My wonderful husband took fantastic care of me, as he always does. I had friends bringing me food and treats. Members of the Bishopric stopped by to check on us and make sure we knew to let them know if we needed anything. I had multiple friends offering to get up at the crack of dawn (ok, before the crack of dawn) to drive me up to the hospital and back and just generally be there for me for the D&C. I had an OB who was the kindest, most compassionate, most loving care provider I could have hoped for. She hugged me and let me cry, she and her staff didn’t even hint at needing me to leave even though the office was closing, until we had a plan, they worked me in that week for the unexpected appointments I needed. In pre-op, everyone made sure I had whatever meds I needed to cope with being upset. When I came out of the general anesthesia, Dr. Klikoff and the staff were immediately right there being kind and seeing what I needed (above and beyond the basics). I had friends give me blessings. I had friends who let me know that they were there for me if I needed to talk or cry. I had friends who came to see me. I had friends give me really great hugs. I had SO many people message me to let me know they had been through m/c’s and D&Cs and if I had any questions, feel free to ask them, including people I didn’t really know that well but who saw my posts on fMh. I had people offering to watch the kids, help with laundry, help with errands, do whatever I needed. I had an amazing agency that stood by me, the owner made sure I had HER cell phone number to call if I needed to talk or had any questions. And she and they stood by me through EVERYTHING, and are still friends. And I had friends who just loved me and went to appointments with me and let me stay their house in LA when I had to go back for more appointments at the fertility clinic after the fact.

Later on, that summer, when the IPs terminated the contract (it was not a positive experience and was very poorly mishandled), I had friends who let me come over and literally cry in their kitchen. A couple months after that when I almost had a nervous meltdown (ok, maybe ALMOST isn’t quite the right word), I had online PPD friends who were there for me to talk me through the hyperventilation and panic attack, who helped me figure out a plan to move forwards in finally actually dealing with my grief, and who offered to stay up talking with me online or on the phone, and who said to ping them any time of day or night even wake them up if I needed to talk again. I had a friend who let me come over and sob on her couch and spill out a lot of feelings I had been bottling up inside. I had WONDERFUL friends through everything in my photo class who gave me the space (or not space) or hugs or whatever that I needed, who offered treats if they’d help, who explained to my professor why I wasn’t there, and who didn’t push or pry unnecessarily but also made sure I knew I wasn’t alone. I had amazing professors who understood when I needed a few days off class, and a wonderful nurse in the campus health clinic who let me come in and rest or cry whenever I needed to. And through it all, my parents, especially Mom (because sometimes I still just need my Mama), and my husband, have been my rocks.

Tonight, as I write this, I’m sitting on my couch crying. But this? This is a GOOD cry. Because this is tears brought on by considering the great amount of grace and love and compassion and service I was shown by so many people, and still continue to receive. I can never tag or list everyone who reached out or who helped me in some way, because my memory is faulty, but your love has had a lasting impact on me, and has changed me and changed my life for the better.

Today, when I look back at a time that was very dark and full of grief and trauma and pain, I remember the pain and the crappy stuff because I don’t think that’s something that ever truly gets forgotten or that it ever completely leaves you. But that crappy stuff is not what I feel. Today, when I look back at that time, what I feel and what I remember most is love and friendship. True love, on multiple ways, shown on multiple levels. And what I want all of you to take from this post (besides the fact that I know some absolutely amazing people) is that your small acts of kindness, even just sending a message to someone who’s hurting and saying “I’m sorry. I care about you. I’m here for you.” and validating their pain, can make a world of difference. It may take some time, but it leaves a mark. Even a tiny flame shines bright in the darkest of nights.